Small Business Loans

What loans are right for a small business manufacturing company

Small businesses in different industries have different needs. Small business manufacturers are a prime example of this. Manufacturers make goods from component parts or raw materials and typically use warehouses to store goods for resale. The process can sometimes be complex and costly, depending on the items being manufactured.


This leads to small business manufacturers needing to maintain some financial solvency and flexibility, often through the use of small business loans. Here it is possible to learn more about business loans

Small business loans can take many different forms and finding the best one for a manufacturer is essential. Asset based loans are common on which a small business manufacturer can typically borrow a percentage of their major assets which in this case would be their inventory and receivables. The percentage of lending made available will fluctuate widely based upon the type of item being made. Electronic products that have a short life are commonly given less leverage than durable goods that are given more.

Lenders realize that the amount of loans that a company needs often fluctuate with the seasonality of their business. During peaks seasons such as in preparation for the Christmas season, larger loans are commonly needed to allow a business to meet the market needs and increase their revenues. Many small business asset based loans allow for these increased borrowing needs seasonally with multipliers added to their loan agreements during certain seasons.


Another option for small business manufacturers other than an asset based loan is a line of credit that allows a business to borrow funds as needed. Manufacturers can benefit from this loan arrangement by having access to funds as needed and to bridge the gap between the cash outflows that are needed to purchase the raw materials and component parts until funds are received from customers paying for the goods. These loans give an added flexibility for manufacturers and are good loan types as a result.

Small business manufacturers often need capital to build and design manufacturing equipment to help build their products. This equipment can be capital intensive and many decide to fund the equipment purchase through long term notes payable arrangements or through capital leases that reduce the risk of ownership. Interest rates are sometimes higher on these loans than other types and financing can be done by the equipment seller or by a third party financing company.

Manufacturers therefore have many options when borrowing money for their business and how to best finance the cash needed for your business. Consider the aforementioned options for financing your small business manufacturing business and use the funds raised to drive your companies success for years to come.